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it’s a form of self-love. Indulge in moments of bliss, all within our Ivory SPA.

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Welcome to Ivory Spa Abu Dhabi

At Ivory Spa, we pride ourselves on delivering the best massage service in Abu Dhabi. We understand the significance of your body’s well-being and the role relaxation plays in your daily life. Our mission is to provide a sanctuary where you can rejuvenate, unwind, and experience the ultimate in relaxation.

Massage Services

# Spa & Massage Center in Abu Dhabi

At Ivory Spa, we redefine the art of relaxation, offering a sanctuary where your well-being takes center stage. Our skilled therapists are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience that goes beyond the ordinary.To schedule your moment of bliss, contact us at +971524521374. Welcome to Ivory Spa Abu Dhabi, where relaxation meets perfection.


At Ivory Spa, our ethos revolves around delivering personalized services tailored to each client. Just as we prioritize individualized care, we understand the value of seeking such tailored experiences ourselves.

Team Members

Meet our dedicated team, each member a connoisseur in the art of rejuvenation. With years of expertise, they have honed their skills to craft personalized treatments that cater to your unique needs. Whether it’s a massage, Moroccan Bath, or any of our spa services, our team is committed to ensuring you depart feeling not just relaxed, but truly revitalized.